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Maxoway offers you its “PREMIUM” program
Easy to manage and very useful to quickly strengthen the balance of your body and support the natural functions of the liver, the intestinal microbiota, stimulate the immune system and for joint comfort.

Duration 30 days

1x DRAIN X OFFERED: Stimulates the natural drainage of the body and the elimination of toxins through the axis “liver-kidneys-intestines”.

2x PRO BTX CHRONO: Accelerated strengthening of the balance of the intestinal microbiota and the intestinal barrier (70% of the immune system).

1x BODY VITAL: Revitalizes the body by providing vitamins, minerals and trace elements and supports digestion and transit.

2x SPIRULINE 2.0 PREMIUM: Actively stimulates the immune system and supports joint comfort.

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The body is naturally programmed to defend and heal itself.

It constantly faces multiple simultaneous aggressions such as wind, cold, pollution and microbes.

When the body is sufficiently balanced, thanks in particular to a varied and healthy diet, it is capable of managing these situations and most often, without even realizing it.

On the other hand, in case of prolonged imbalances such as: vitamin and mineral deficiencies, overloaded liver, imbalance of the intestinal microbiota, etc. the natural defense systems are disarmed and it is here that more or less benign situations such as a cold can quickly become complicated and lead to more severe infections that will take time to heal.

Preparing for the cold season is not a guarantee that you will not catch a cold, but to make sure that if you do, your body will manage it effectively and you will be able to enjoy life again!


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