Innovative complex of 10 plants for the well-being of the 3 basic filter organs:


Gain vitality, energy and well-being!

Vegan. No coloring, no GMO, no added flavors, no lactose, no gluten.

Natural plant extract to be diluted – Volume 500 ml

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Lack of vitality? Feeling of heaviness? Digestive discomfort? Still want to sleep?

Just like the stomach after a heavy meal, the body is clogged with waste and toxins and will make you feel it.

How it works:

To eliminate toxins and waste also called toxic, the body uses 5 filter organs scientifically called emunctories. These are the kidneys, liver, intestines (basic filter organs) as well as the lungs and skin.

There are the so-called endogenous toxins, which are continuously produced by our metabolism, such as lactic acids for example, and which increase even more with a stressful lifestyle or intensive sport (oxidative stress).

And there are the so-called exogenous toxins coming from outside the body such as overeating, tobacco, alcohol, drug residues and environmental pollution (pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals).

The body is biologically programmed to deal with all of this naturally but sometimes, depending on fashion or a multitude of other factors, it can become overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task and these toxins and wastes accumulate in the body. Long before health problems, this can be the cause of the uncomfortable or unpleasant sensations mentioned above.

DRAIN X is a virtuous synergy of 10 plants dedicated to the well-being of the liver, kidneys and intestines.

Developed in Switzerland, DRAIN X is a Premium formula developed in Switzerland by our doctor in phytochemistry that meets the highest requirements of health professionals through plants!

This high level of expertise allows us to guarantee the quality of the extracts used in the composition and the precise dosage of each of the active ingredients to obtain the best synergy from this complex and innovative blend of 10 plants.

Complex of 10 plants for the well-being of the 3 basic filtering organs (KIDNEES / LIVES / INTERNALS)

1. DANDELION (Taraxacum officinale root): Well-being of the kidneys and liver.

2. ROSEMARY leaf Rosmarinus Officinalis: Well-being of the liver. Invigorating action of the organism.

3. BOLDO leaf Peumus blockus: Well-being of the liver. Digestive comfort.

4. CHICOREE root Cichorium intybus: Well-being of the liver. Digestive comfort.

5. ANGELICA seed Angelica archangelica: Well-being of the liver.

6. DESMODIUM leaf Desmodium adscendens: Well-being of the liver.

7. ARTICUTE leaf Cynara scolymus: Welfare of the liver. Digestive comfort.

8. BLACK RADIS root Raphanus sativus var. niger: Well-being of the liver. Digestive comfort.

9. THISTLE THISTLE seed Silybum marianum: Well-being of the liver. Digestive comfort.

10. TAMARIN fruit Tamarindus indica: Well-being of the intestines.

Dosage: Dilute twice a day, 10 ml in a large glass of liquid (water, fruit juice, …) and consume between meals.

Precaution for use: People with hypothyroidism or thyroid treatment should first consult their doctor. Indeed, by stimulating the natural activity of the liver, particularly its elimination function, DRAIN X could potentially reduce the effect of drugs specific to this disease. The physician may decide to increase the dose of the medication while DRAIN X is being used.

When should DRAIN X be used? For maintenance, ideally at each change of season, especially in the fall and spring. In support, during phases of increased needs such as sports competitions and exam periods, during the holidays or other situations of prolonged overeating.

Our advice: DRAIN X is perfectly complemented by PRO BTX to strengthen the intestines and support the balance of the flora. When you have used DRAIN X (500 ml = 25 days) and wish to renew, we recommend taking a break for the same length of time (25 days) before starting again.

Ingredients for 20ml: Aqueous plant extract (rosemary leaf Rosmarinus Officinalis 600 mg), boldo leaf Peumus blockus 200 mg, chicory root Cichorium intybus 140 mg, dandelion root Taraxacum officinale 80 mg, angelica seed Angelica archangelica 56 mg, Desmodium leaf Desmodium adscendens 0.9 mg, artichoke leaf Cynara scolymus 0.9 mg, black radish root Raphanus sativus var. niger 0,9 mg, milk thistle seed Silybum marianum 0,9 mg, tamarind fruit Tamarindus indica 0,9 mg), glycerin, preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, acidifier: citric acid, water.



ForFor a daily dose
100 ml20 ml
Oils and Fats(g)<0,5<0,5
   – of which sugars(g)3,20,2


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